Dear Reader,

My memiours. Title, My Valley of Tears. I will write to you the best way I know how. I have never been to a teacher or a secretary. I know nothing. I am just a housewife. And what I know I’ve learned trying myself. It’s not a writing, it’s more like a child starting in first grade. And I might forget some little details, but in 71 years, we can permit ourselves to forget a little. I also wrote My Valley of Tears in French because I can express myself better in French. I am a pure old fashioned French woman, but there are so many who can’t read French today, so I thought I would try myself in English. Before you start to read, I am asking your forgiveness. My words will be the gospel truth, and I don’t want to offend no one. And I don’t want to make enemies for writing my autobiography.

I have nothing left for me after all that used to be. I live in memories among my souvenirs of 71 years past.

Dedicated to my parents and friends.


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