Printable Scans

This list of PDF files are 300 DPI, mostly large files over 5 megs each, which should be good enough to print on an ink jet or laser printer. If you want to just view the files on a computer without printing, the low resolution versions will load faster and view as well on screen.
  1. Prologue [typed (t)]
  2. Pages 1-10 [t]
  3. Pages 11-20 [t]
  4. Pages 21-30 [t]
  5. Pages 31-40 [t]
  6. Pages 41-50 [t]
  7. Pages 51-60 [t]
  8. Pages 61-70 [t]
  9. Pages 71-80 [t incomplete]
  10. Pages 81-90 [t]
  11. Pages 91-100 [t]
  12. Pages 101-110 [t]
  13. Pages 111-121 [t]
  14. Pages 122-131 [t]
  15. Epilogue [t]

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