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one day Mr. Octave Theriwelt1. came in

pg 81

he was passing the school lot2 for the school children. I didn’t have any going to school yet, but instead of turning where he use to turn in front at Emiles home, he ask me can i warm neer your stove. I say ah yes you can. I give him a chair and he sit for awhile. Richard was crying, he ask me is your baby sick so i told him about this oats water, that i was feeding Him, he ask me Emile father had no cows that’s give milk I said yes but no money no milk, he said I got cows and i Bring you milk every morning when I pass the school lot.3

so every morning he bring me 2 quarts of milk , and i put some out door, to keep it fresh, for the weekend. Thanks to Mr Theriwelt he had save my babys Life, may god give rest to his soul. in the spring Emile quite working for his father he ask him, you pay me wages or I’m leaving4. Well his father built5 is you wants to I don’t need you no more. it was O.K. now, his horses was tame now, they were not wild no more Emile have after times nearly being killed by those horse. When he put them on a machine thy took reared and Broke every thing thy had behind them one times thy got reared,6 and Emile couldn’t hold them and he fell in the Binder7 and his cloths got stuck

pg 82

in the machine, and his clothes was all ripe off his body, and he was almost naked. When those horse got scared thy run and until one feel that when thy stop. one times thy rip’t and feel in a Barb wire fence, and thy were all cut, i tell you Emile had some hard times with those horses but thy were beautiful tame

now once thy we tame and Emile didn’t had hard times with them, so his father didn’t need him no more. so he went to work for uncle Hubald8 Hebert, for a while, for 50 cents a day. We were in the big depression now, and specialy at the boat9 at black lake there was no work. so Emile works for 50 cents a day. all the rest of that school term Mr. Theriwelt bring me milk. Emile bought a few hen from uncle Hubald. he made a shed for them 7 or 8 thy were laying eggs, his father give him a month old pig. i feed this little pig all summer and in the summer some of our hens had babys chickens to but in the fall Emile went picking potatoes and his father kill the pig for themselves and thy didn’t even give me a piece. Emile was so mad when he come back. But his father said it was my pig. That next winter Emile bought some traps and he start to trap for fur. mostly furs and minks and muskrats and with

pg 83

i was doing for the company, I bought Blankets and clothes and house ware and was never home, he trap, and the rest of the times he stay over his fathers house. he pass in front of the house some times and didn’t even stop. part of the times I had to saw woods for the stove and one day, as I was sawing wood on a piles of snow, Mr. Theriwelt was going on his farm he had below and saw me and he stop. he said its not your place for you to saw woods like this, I was pregnant again, it was like a clock every years a baby, He took my saw and with his son, in a short while I had a big piles of woods.

I use to watch so no one saw me saw some wood, but this times i didn’t see them come when Emile came that night he was real mad, he said i will tell Octave Theriwelt . he had no business to come here and saw my wood. I didn’t say nothing but I was glad to have some wood in the house. one times when Laura was in this little house, she went over father in law house, it was Before my T. Aimie was born. he said to Laura, its terrible10 I saw 8 mans going at Emiles house after Emile left for work this morning, and i will tell you what he see every morning

pg 84

on sunny days, at the bottom of the house out side there was dart paper and a big piece of Black paper was torn leaving a space big about a man, and as the sun shine the sun moved and it look like a man changing place. Laura came and told me about what this what he saw, and taught11 it was man coming home I am sure thy told this to Emile to because he was so furious12, he accused me of all kinds of things.

and for one things i couldn’t see where those man come from because there was only 5 man at black lake.13

And there mother Denis Varisine14 thy haven’t talk to each other for many years. When my mother in law, saw the girls pass to go picks strawberrys on the farm down below us, she kneels on the porch , and she made the sign of the cross, or stand on the porch, and give them names. When i tried to tell Emile whats those mans was, he didn’t wants to listen to me at all. so i let it be . so in January, uncle Hubald Hebert died of Cancer.

and in April my little boy Aimie took sick with the group.15 he was so sick and Saturday afternoon , I had him in my arms and, he look up at me I was crying and he look at me right


in the eyes as he would tell me please moms don’t cry. and at 4 oclock Emile took him in his arms, and he pass away. god have took my little son away from us, at this moment I couldn’t believe what happen, and i start to cry. why god I said why have you done to me why do you take my little son away from me. what my god i have done to you. I took care of him the best way i could. and i love him and all the hard work i done all my married life, and was this not enough what could i have done more my god. I said I don’t Love you no more. I wont pray you no more. I pray and prayed and you never answer my prayers so I wont pray no more. I don’t believe in you no more. my mother in law came, and wash my little son and she made Him a place, at the foot of my bed, to laid Him to rest.

he was so nice my little boy. he had sky blue eyes and Blond Curly Hair and his little round face, and in front on his 2 front teeth white spots like little pearls. my poor little boy. was it possible that this morning was so warm and tonight so cold, and, instead of his bed a white casket. was it possible that this had Happen to me. I couldn’t believe it, but it was so true, i lost

pg 86

my little boy. I was so proud of my fairer16 little son. was it possible that i lost one. Emile had gone to town on foot, to buy him a little white Casket I couldn’t stop crying Loretta and Lew, and Clarence17 was crying to.

Emile took me in his arms to try to comfort me but he was crying to my tears still are falling on my paper. I can help them from falling. After 2 days Emile and his father went to church at Daigle, with a sled and our little son, in the bottom of the sled. Poor little Clarence. As far18 as he saw them going on top of the Hill, he watch them disappear the next day. The cellar was full of water, and Emile open the little trap on the floor to take a pail of water and Clarence fell in and almost drown, under the floor, before Emile could pull him out. it was so sad moment for both of us. I didn’t pray I was mad at god. I pass my times crying. I took care of my other kids I love them so much, but the rest didn’t matter to me no more. I couldn’t eat, I feel sick all the times, and one day mom in law come, and said now if you don’t stop your crying, you will lost the baby you are carrying to. so instead of one you will lost two in all my sorrow i didn’t have time

pg 87

to think at myself. I was daze, i didn’t think of nothing I have forgotten that i was bearing another child. oh my god i taught, what have i done to you, please forgive me oh lord for i said about you, please forgive me i didn’t know what i was saying. I have lost my head. You must have needed an angel and you took my little boy for you angel, you have given him to me to love for 2 years and 4 months and 27 days. thank you oh lord. its not true i believe in you and i will pray again and no matter what Happens I wont never Denied19 you ever. You took my little boy, but in a few months you are giving me another one, a boy or a girl no difference. if you give me a Healthy baby, he will took the place of the one you took from me thank you lord for giving me another one. I could stop crying after and do my work and take care of myself.

of course i had moment that i couldn’t stop crying for i am still crying today for my little boy, but i know today that i have an angel in the Heaven of god. and he didn’t had to pass and go true20 the Hard times my other kids have today. he is the only one who doesn’t have to pass true anything and i know he is an angel, for the other one, I don’t know where thy will be. I hope and prey that

pg 88

thy will keep the faith in the lord so thy can see there little angel Brother one day. on August 6 i give birth to a little girl. I prey thank you lord for my healthy little girl and i name her Lillian, like my sister Lilyanne, but I was realy feverish21 a month after all i could do was sit on a chair neer the bed. Loretta was 7 years old and she done the cooking as to ay salt pork slice and boil potatoes and pancakes. she also wash the babys diapers. Angeus Hebert, Leo Hebert wife, now, she was uncle Hubald Hebert daughter, and she had the bad luck to have a baby, a 6 month old baby when Lillian was born. she came to help me for 2 week, and she went back home , but she came once a week and do my washing.

so Emile took his Brother Clarence and her to be god parent to Lillian thy took her to the Daigle Rectory for the Baptismal, and the priest didn’t want her to be god mother because she had a child, a while oh about 2 years later Angnus step mother told me Angnes is not you little girl god mother. she said ask father Rabalaille about it. so i did ask the priest and he said your baby had to22 good parent, to except a girl with a child for her god mother he said if you look for you baby

pg 89

god mother her gods mother name is Burnadette Guimoud. I feel sorry for Angnes because she was a very good person. so any way when Lillian was a month old all the childrens took sick including Lillian with whooping caught. thy choke and throw thy was so sick. i couldn’t do nothing, Emile put ah23 not a mattress because we didn’t had no mattresses. it was like 2 bed sheet saw24 together, and with a Hale in the front, and it was filled with straw, he put this at the foot of the bed, and the childrens sleep on it thy were neer us. We could take care of them better on the floor. thy were sleeping upstairs but now thy were all sick after thy got better a little bit but still coughing a lots. i said to Emile i cant stay here no more I will died.

I will go to my mother for a while in Cariborn, maybe she can help me care for the kids until i get stronger, he was Emile I mean was working for T.A. St John once in a while, so he said yes you can go. he went to see Leo Caron to take me to Cariborn, and his mother came to pack the childrens clothes and mine she seem glad to get rid of us around there. When i arrive our mother, she was sick she was not feeling well at all. that night she help me with the kids to put them to bed and the next morning i said to her I should have stay home i didn’t know

pg 90

you were sick I am sorry, well she said if you wants to go back i call Anna to take you down, but when my step father came for supper, he said i will take you down myself. that afternoon.

mother said to me what kind of peoples are thy your in law. and she tool 2 letter in her apron pocket and said i had those letter here for a long time now. and she show me the letter I have received, when I was in Cariborn that Aurare reads to me. on another letter she received and i start to read that letter, and things unbelievable on that letter about Anna and her. and at the end of the letter was mark a big black pencil Kiss my 25 you can imagine by your self what words it was and it was sign Mrs T.A. St John. i said to mother ah no, mrs st john never wrote that letter. she was a well educated woman and she didn’t know me at all. she couldn’t have wrote this letter and beside I know well the writing of this letter, the person who wrote the letter was educated like me, but she sign Mrs T.A. St Johns name on it. i ask mother give me one those letter, no she said I have to keep them to show peoples how good your in laws are. so i start crying, for the love of you she said, i will now burn the letter and she open the stove


and burn those dame letter.

1 This name is very difficult to read, it will be used again.

2 This could be ‘box.’

3 Looks very much like the previous ‘box’ but ‘lot’ fits better with the context

4 Could be ‘builting’ not sure.

5 This word looks like built but it does not fit

6 This could have been ‘scared’ but there is no ‘c’

7 Not sure about this word

8 Not sure of this name

9 Looks like ‘foot’, not sure

10 Looks like ‘therible’

11 This is probably ‘thought’ she uses it many times

12 Looks like ‘fabous’

13 That makes me chuckle

14 This name is unclear

15 Not sure what this is maybe the croup

16 This word is unclear. Could be ‘four’

17 I spelled names from an outside source.

18 ‘long’ is crossed out under ‘far’

19 This word is unclear

20 I think this is through

21 Looks like finish, not sure

22 Two

23 Not sure what this word is.

24 Sewn

25 There is a indecipherable scribble here, maybe on purpose


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